I never know why we don't get more out of natural sources. Like sun for example.


AzuSuper said...

This is really nice. It could be good logo for some "solar power" company.

Anna said...

The use of solar energy is definitely a good thing! I just found a small paradise of Bulungula ( on the South-East coast of South Africa. Almost couldn't leave the place. They use only solar and wind energy and even have solar cookers to make a big pot of food or even to bake a bread, brilliant!
Pidän töistäsi :) nähdään

mina said...

Anna, I just checked your paradise, and I totally agree that it's perfect!
I'm in Finland now - just arrived - and just the thought of another finnish winter makes me wanna go to Bulungula straight away ... ahhh

Anna said...

Just take a break and go to South Africa.
Ah, well just wait for me with the winter. It must feel very dark since it will be summer here when I change the continent. Or then I'm happy that it's soooo much like home. You never now.