diploma poster

Sketch for one out of 3 diploma posters for the typeface Nouvelle. The concept is to present the characteristics of the type with various symbols. Feather stands for its lightness and elegance. I will use typofoto for all the posters, as it was used mainly in the times when geometric typefaces were born.



I'm giving out some Afrikan feeling with this type, which I finally completed. If you want it, mail me.


and another poster

This is a poster I've been doing lately. It's an invitation poster for workshops organized for journalism students - they will discuss the problems that marginalized groups have in Slovenia (homeless etc.). The title is kind of hard to translate, but it's like 'Giving the word - as in helping them to speak out'.


more drawing

I never get tired of life model drawing ...



Last Friday was the final portfolio deadline for the MA studies. I'm glad it's all over. This is one part of it - the actual portfolio book.